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Use our easily adaptable supplements to increase the depth of your worldbuilding.

Wicked, easy, imaginative hazard I had plopped into session in 5 minutes, and had a blast. Players loved it!

Had the big pleasure to work with @troveoflore ! they make awesome biomes including hazards, creatures, maps and much more so pleasure be sure to check them out!!<3 For the collab, I created the Fadybug and the Wrinkled Knockfish hope you like these critters♥️

My players have been much more invested in the environments they travel in by using biomes and hazards. They've been easy to both use as-is or modify; one time I needed a heavy blizzard and just reflavoured another hazard.

Art by Ede Laszlo

BiomesFully Fleshed-Out Ecosystems

Illustration of a 'green bullfrog'. Shows a jumping frog with mushroom growths.

Plants, hazards, and monsters interacting in logical environments. No more meaningless random encounters.

Art by Ede Laszlo

Cities & SettlementsReady-to-use Adventure Hubs

  • Cities, towns, and villages
  • drop into any fantasy setting
  • fleshed-out NPCs and factions
  • shops, taverns, and inns
  • adventure hooks that inspire