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An underground Ice Plains town

Amidst the merciless cold of the ice plains, beneath masses of snow and ice, the town of Ribcave lies. Caves and tunnels of polished ice and snow, whose ceilings occasionally reveal parts of the sky, wind like a mole's burrow under the frigid lands. With snow wolves as loyal companions and a pact with Ilzriss the Freezing Brilliance, an ancient ice dragon, survival is less of a fight. In this surreal town, myths and legends await any adventurer who finds their way here. Yet, a careful watch might reveal dark secrets, some of which could plunge the whole world into peril.


  • 2 adventure outlines
    • Imminent Massacre
    • The mindbreaking Illness
  • 4 factions
    • The Pack
    • Circle of Augury
    • Children of Ixlir
    • Frostbinders
  • 5 NPCs
    • Icas Deamonne
    • Elion Folluin
    • Karn Blackmoon
    • Arlin Iceshard
    • Natasha Fiatal
  • 2 myths
    • Photin, the Wolf Spirit
    • The Tale of Embittered Cruc
  • 8 creature statblocks
    • Frostbinder Freezer
    • Frostbinder Skater
    • Frostbinder Summoner
    • Frostbinder Hurler
    • Frostbinder Basher
    • Frostbinder Elementalist
    • Frostbinder Thruster
    • Snow Wolf
  • 1 item
    • Rivenmoss
  • 1 condition
    • Mind's Misery
  • 5 locations
    • Meet with the Council of Five
    • Stay at Mathilda's
    • Marvel the Main Square
    • Sneak into the ???????????? ?????
    • Explore the Rooms of the Circle of Augury
  • 8 scenesSmall, descriptive scenes to bring the environment to life.
  • 18 pages

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