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Horror Forest

A gruesome fantasy biome

The sound of footsteps in the muddy ground echoes far too loudly among the trees of the forest. A foul, musty smell hangs in the bushes, its origin lying in the corpses of creatures long since decomposed and half-eaten. Never has sunlight been able to dispel the twilight between the trunks and warm the earth. Gnarled branches reach into the sky like broken arms, making it impossible to get through. Skeletal remains rattle in the canopies, and the constant rustling in the underbrush is as unsettling as the pattering of paws that never fully subsides. Some trees seem to bleed a black ooze that soaks into hairy moss while vines dangle from above, reaching down like long fingers. An uneasy feeling runs a cold shiver down the spine of anyone traversing this forest.

  • 5 hazards
    • Black Rain
    • Psychic Tempest
    • Whisker Bat
    • Fissle Fern
    • Glooze Tree
  • 13 creature statblocks
    • Horror Hare
    • Horror Hare Leveret
    • Intangible Serpent
    • Grave Digger
    • N'ervpeck
    • Graveyarder
    • Umbrage
    • Demohog
    • Despot Ooze
    • Oozeblood Zombie
    • Oozeblood Devourer
    • Bubbling Eyebomination
    • Bubbling Eyebomination Spawn
  • 4 plants
    • Cadaver Blossom
    • Whisker Bat
    • Fissle Fern
    • Glooze Tree
  • 7 items
    • Vial of Black Goo
    • Blossom of Holding
    • Whisker Berry Wrap
    • Vial of Fissle Pollen
    • Fissle Frond
    • Vial of Glooze
    • Serpent Skinsuit
  • 3 conditions
    • Fearful
    • Oozeblood Infection
    • Eyebomination Infection
  • Weather TableSome weather effects might alter mechanics.
  • 4 encounter tables
    • Encounters 4 players level 1-3
    • Encounters 4 players level 4-6
    • Encounters 4 players level 7-9
    • Encounters 4 players level 10-12
  • 3 battlemaps
  • 26 pages

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