Fungus Forest

A self-aware, temperate biome

7 creature stats
5 plants
3 conditions
3 battlemaps
20 pages


The tree-sized mushrooms are only the visible feature of the fungus forest. Instead of trees, they grow out of the swampy forest floor towards the sky and create a cool and shady atmosphere under their spreading hats. But the interesting and clearly more dangerous aspect of this forest lies hidden beneath the earth: the mycelia of the mushrooms form a finely structured network through which information is exchanged, and creatures are infected that spend too much time in the forest. So it appears as if the forest itself has a consciousness, with which it not only knows what is happening inside it but is also able to control animals according to its will. However, the psychoactivity of the mushrooms also quickly influences adventurers or careless hikers who are looking for their way through the swampy area.

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