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Misty Lakes

A temperate biome

The sun slowly disappears behind the tree tops that stretch like a green frame along the lakes. Soft splashing can be heard as the waves lap against the shore. The reeds move gently in the wind. Giant water striders can be seen on the water, making their way between water lilies. Now and then, the scales of fish flash through the water's surface. And then, suddenly, the fog rolls in. Within a few minutes, you can only guess at the world around you. The singing of birds and the quiet buzzing of insects turn into screeching and growling. Sounds of battle drift across the lake, just as they do from the woods and meadows. And before you even know what is happening around you, you feel a quiet rumbling inside. Like a wild animal that wants to be set free ...

  • 2 hazards
    • Cannonball Bush
    • Water Walk Lily
  • 13 creature statblocks
    • Leafling
    • Monstrous Leafling
    • Leafling Swarm
    • Monstrous Leafling Swarm
    • Shimmer Perch
    • Monstrous Shimmer Perch
    • Monstrous Knockfish
    • Wrinkled Knockfish
    • Fog Wanderer
    • Fadybug
    • Monstrous Fadybug
    • Giant Water Strider
    • Monstrous Giant Water Strider
  • 5 plants
    • Flower of Life
    • Cannonball Bush
    • Shifting Night Queen
    • Water Walk Lily
    • Fog Foemen
  • 9 items
    • Vial of Beguiling Perfume
    • Essence of Life
    • Cannonball Seed
    • Queen's Blossom
    • Dose of Night Honey
    • Vial of Queen's End
    • Dose of Raving Madness Antidote
    • Shimmer Perch Scale
    • Shimmer Perch Scale Necklace
  • 1 spell
    • Create Weather
  • 1 condition
    • Raving Madness
  • Weather TableSome weather effects might alter mechanics.
  • 2 encounter tables
    • Night Encounters 4 players level 1-3
    • Night Encounters 4 players level 4-6
  • 8 battlemaps
  • 28 pages

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