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Trove of Lore Logotext


A Misty Lakes city

Lakeside stretches between meadows, fields, and forests on both sides of the Kingslake. Gigantic towers rise above the house roofs and city walls and show the merchants the way between the lakes to the trading city from afar. Well protected by spells and walls, an imposing city has grown, known throughout the land for its diversity and wealth. Travelers and traders come to sell their wares at one of the countless markets or to watch one of the water strider races. And still, Lakeside has some dark secrets that could shake the city's prosperity and image to its foundations.


  • 3 adventure outlines
    • The unexpected Attack
    • The missing Beggar
    • The stolen Water Strider
  • 3 factions
    • Mistguard
    • Water Strider Sports Confederation
    • Chamber of Commerce
  • 5 NPCs
    • Yorsae Bristlebreaker
    • Iphiar Kradarin
    • Fnilwe Yfidull
    • Earnest Caldwell
    • Shalaevar Lurel
  • 8 scenesSmall, descriptive scenes to bring the environment to life.
  • 10 pages

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