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Trove of Lore Logotext

About us

We are Jannis and Ronja. We live in Berlin, where Ronja is working as online editor for a non-profit working to save the environment, and Jannis is a software engineer.

We started our first Dungeons & Dragons campaign in 2020 and have been playing weekly at our kitchen table ever since.

Over time, Jannis has noticed that it is often difficult for him as a game master to make wilderness exploration exciting, because the content for matching plants and creatures is severely lacking. So we decided to deal with this problem and launched Trove of Lore Logotext in January 2022.

Ronja usually provides the ideas, concepts, and descriptions, while Jannis builds statblocks and game mechanics.

If you want to join us on our journey, you can subscribe to our newsletter and join our discord.

We are always open to questions, feedback, and requests. Feel free to send us an email or DM us on discord.

Jannis & Ronja