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Ice Forest

A polar biome

The ice forest – an area of frigid temperatures, ominous silence, and dangers everywhere. Its geographic location means there’s no sunlight during winter and no night during summer - but below the canopies, it might as well always be night. Barely any light reaches the ground through the high and dense treetops. Instead, the snowy ground itself seems to give off a yellowish glow, creepily lighting the gnarled trunks of giant trees. And right there, in the deep shadows, every movement, every sound, becomes a deadly threat.

  • 1 hazard
    • Mud Lake
  • 8 creature statblocks
    • Mudcrawler
    • Yak-Lemming
    • Swarm of Ice Bees
    • Ice Bee Queen
    • Icebeak
    • Giant Icebeak
    • Shadow Wolf Alpha
    • Shadow Wolf
  • 5 plants
    • Glowing Sequoia
    • Spikemoss
    • Ice Blossom
    • Causterberry
    • Mystic Root
  • 1 item
    • Vial of Alchemist's Ice
  • 11 pages

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