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Trove of Lore Logotext

Frozen Research

An Ice Forest adventure for 4-6 level 7 characters

Around the research center, The Central Polar Institute, in the icy Baxburns, a small tent camp has formed over the years. Even a few isolated houses have been built, mainly for the people who stay permanently at this place because of the research. However, the small place does not seem to have particularly many inhabitants. Not least because of the hostile environmental conditions: It is cold. The icy wind penetrates even through the thickest skins and coats and seems to freeze you to the bone. You don't want to stay outside unprotected for too long. This is also the reason why you only occasionally meet someone between the tents.

The snow between the dwellings has been trampled into small paths by the heavy steps. On some tents hang signs with inscriptions like Herbs'n'Potions or Food and Whisky. However, this is rather the exception. Those who live here do not need stores to survive.

  • 19 pages

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