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Maelstrom Waters

An underwater biome

Deep blue, clear waters and a peaceful atmosphere stretch across the soft sands 200 meters below sea level. Fish make their way through fields of bright seagrass, long accustomed to the cool temperatures. The only thing disturbing this idyllic picture are the countless shipwrecks scattered across the seabed. Their rotten and holey planks exude an ominous atmosphere. Skeletons lie among the ships, half-hidden in the sand, some still holding sabers in their gnarled hands. Now and then, a violent maelstrom forms completely unexpectedly, sweeping across the seabed and dragging down any ship that has irresponsibly ventured into the area of the Maelstrom Waters.

  • 4 hazards
    • Mealstrom
    • Ink Spitter
    • Purple Fizzlethreads
    • Vortex
  • 8 creature statblocks
    • Krakenfolk Guard
    • Krakenfolk Arcane Soldier
    • Drowned Sailor
    • Living Shipwreck
    • Striped Snailox
    • Giant Striped Snailox
    • Chameleon Ray
    • Great Chameleon Ray
  • 5 plants
    • Luminescent Kelp
    • Underwater Tree
    • Ink Spitter
    • Purple Fizzlethreads
    • Wood Death Algae
  • 1 species
    • Krakenfolk
  • 5 items
    • Luminescent Kelp Leaf
    • Ink Spitter Cylinder
    • Vial of Temporary Ink
    • Vial of Fizzle-Poison
    • Potion of Wood Rotting
  • 2 encounter tables
    • Encounters 4 Players, Level 4-6
    • Encounters 4 Players, Level 10-12
  • 3 battlemaps
  • 20 pages

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