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Saltroot Thicket

A subtropical biome

It is warm. The high humidity makes breathing difficult and uncomfortable. At the same time, the smell of fresh saltwater mixes with that of muddy silt. Exotic birds in bright colors fly screeching over the light treetops or sit like colorful splashes in the branches. Making one's way through the thicket is difficult. Knee-high water alternates with silted-up areas between the gnarled and bizarrely twisted roots of the saltroots. But every now and then, the forest opens up, and in a clearing, a gigantic column of salt rises into the sky.

  • 2 hazards
    • Flooding
    • Energy Shooter
  • 10 creature statblocks
    • Purpure Glider
    • Salt Lobster
    • Giant Salt Lobster
    • Crocer
    • Silt Waderer
    • Tiny Suolakid
    • Small Suolakid
    • Medium Suolakid
    • Large Suolakid
    • Huge Suolakid
  • 5 plants
    • Energy Shooter
    • Notched Palm Frond
    • Saltroot
    • Blue Dive Flower
    • Rolling Swapper
  • 7 items
    • Wand of Energy Orbs
    • Notched Palm Frond Bean
    • Notched Night
    • Vial of Purification
    • Potion of Patience
    • Potion of Lizard Polymorph
    • Potion of Crab Polymorph
  • Weather TableSome weather effects might alter mechanics.
  • 3 encounter tables
    • Encounters 4 players level 2-4
    • Encounters 4 players level 6-8
    • Encounters 4 players level 10-12
  • 16 pages

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