Black Desert

A subtropical biome

3 natural hazards
13 creature stats
4 plants
2 battlemaps
18 pages


The black desert is a deadly place. Its black sand - created by a large obsidian deposit - heats up immeasurably under the merciless sun. Far away from the sea and shielded by mountains, rainfall is a rarity. The prevailing absence of water and the high temperatures during the day result in reduced flora and fauna. When rain does fall, it is all the more intense and leads to a blossoming of the desert.

On the other hand, sandstorms and mirages are not uncommon. The sand makes crossing the desert an arduous and tedious undertaking, especially with the lack of shade and the temperature fluctuations between day and night. The air and sand temperature drops abruptly at night, and there is even frost in exceptional cases.

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