It is one of the rare clear days in the ice plains. The sun shines from a bright blue sky; the view stretches for miles across the white landscape. Collar up, shoulders back, you trudge across the ice. Suddenly, schools of black fish burst out of the snow beside you and leap across the snow in high arcs. Their scales gleam in the warm sunlight before disappearing back into the snow.

Burrowing Fish. Snowdivers are fish with shimmering black scales, pointed noses, and scoops instead of fins. Like some of their aquatic relatives, they form large schools and burrow under the snow cover. Occasionally they can be seen leaping across the plain. They vary in size from small, goldfish-sized specimens to much larger ones that can reach 1 to 2 feet in length.

Vibration Sensitive. The animals can sense even the slightest vibrations of the ground. This allows them to know in advance where, how many, and how fast creatures are approaching. They can also tell what kind of creature it is and react accordingly. If it is a predator, the swarm's flight movements vary depending on the attacker. Possible behaviors include sudden changes in direction, quick burrowing, or getting away with as many jumps as possible.

Organic Nourishment. The diet of snowdivers is limited to organic material that can be found in the snow. This ranges from plant, moss, and lichen particles to animal remains, such as cadavers, claws, or fur fragments. They are not picky and will eat whatever they find, but never hunt themselves and are therefore completely harmless.

Hard to Catch. Their nimble movements adapted escape maneuvers, and timely warnings from ground vibrations make snowdivers difficult to catch. Skilled and fast creatures occasionally catch individuals from swarms at times, but large catches are only made by intelligent natives of the ice plains, who have developed fishing techniques over the years.

Your Character knows …

easy(DC 10)
Snowdivers are small fish with black scales and scoops instead of fins. They live in the snow and move in it like fish in water. From time to time, snowdivers jump across the plain.
medium(DC 15)
Snowdivers are difficult to catch without adapted trapping techniques but are used as a food source by locals.
hard(DC 20)
Snowdivers can sense vibrations in the ground and distinguish between different creatures.

Signs of Presence

Collections of tiny holes in the snow, each collection about five to nine feet apart.
Dark shadows slowly moving below the snow's surface.
Sounds of small pebbles falling in the snow.

What's it doing?

Jumping out the snow.
Eating a cadaver, causing it to slowly sink into the snow.
Burrowing below the party's feet
Sitting still below the snow's surface, causing that area to look slightly black-gray.
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