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Frost Banshee

As the cold continues to draw the energy from within you, you begin hearing a sad melody blowing across the ice plains. The words belong to an unknown language, but its melancholy is easily understood. Unnoticed to you, the figure of a young woman in white robes appears in the distance. Black hair falls on her flawless face, from whose gaze speaks infinite sorrow. A moment later she is gone.

Beauty beyond Words. Frost banshees look like young, beautiful women. Long black hair falls over their shoulders, their skin is white and flawless, and their robes seem to blend into their surroundings. For millennia, they have walked the ice plains, following their destiny: to track creatures about to freeze to death and collect their hearts.

Song of Death. Frost banshees sense the approaching death of creatures in the icy cold of the ice plains. They follow the weakening creatures and eventually begin to sing sad melodies that can be heard across the plains. The words can only be understood by the creature whose death is approaching; all others hear sad songs in a language unknown to them.

Irrevocable Death. Creatures that freeze to death in the ice plains and are accompanied on their journey by a frost banshee will suffer a rare fate when they die. The frost banshee sings its mournful death song as it tears the heart from the deceased's chest. It immediately freezes to ice in its cold hands. The banshee mourns the dead and carries the heart forever in a small pouch on her belt, which already contains countless other hearts. The beliefs, dreams, desires, as well as fears and dark secrets of the deceased are remembered by the banshee, as long as the heart remains in its pouch. Creatures who die in this way cannot be resurrected, nor can they be raised as undead.

Bag of her Heart. The pouch a frost banshee carries on its belt is made from its own heart. Should the banshee ever be separated from her pouch, she has seven days to either take back her pouch or find another suitable body that froze to death. If she must, she will help a chosen victim along on its journey to death. The banshee then rips out the heart of the chosen, transferring her essence into the heart and body. The previous body falls to the ground motionless, while the banshee lives on in the chosen body, taking one day to craft the heart of its new body into a new pouch. With time, the new body will take on the typical features displayed by frost banshees.

Unpleasant Foes. Frost banshees are peaceful and highly intelligent creatures. They do not attack unprovoced unless they are searching for a new body due to their heart pouch being separated from themselves, but they are ready to defend themselves and are brutal in their approach. Their icy breath freezes creatures, their songs put them to sleep, and their screams relentlessly drill into the minds of their enemies. They can teleport out of harm's way in a fraction of a heartbeat, then sneak up behind an enemy and attack from behind. The frost banshees' only weakness is their vulnerability to fire.

Your Character knows …

easy(DC 10)
Frost banshees are magical creatures in the form of young women. They follow creatures that will freeze to death in the near future.
medium(DC 15)
The melodies of a frost banshee sounds sad and melancholic, but the words can only be understood by the person who is about to die. Other creatures can only hear a sad melody in a foreign language.
hard(DC 20)
Frost banshees rip the hearts from the chests of frozen creatures, freezing the warm organ to ice. The banshee keeps the hearts in a small pouch on its belt, forever remembering the dead creature. Anyone whose heart has been taken by a frost banshee cannot be raised as undead or be resurrected.

Signs of Presence

The corpse of a creature that froze to death, with its heart ripped out.
Sad melodies in an unknown language, travelling the plains.
A figure in the distance that disappears shortly after being seen.

What's it doing?

Standing in the distance, watching. Disappears as soon as it is discovered.
Crouching over a dead creature.
Mourning the dead by crying over a frozen heart in her hand before putting it back into its bag.
Following the party at a distance.
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